HSC Notes
Because the HSC is a terrible method of assessment (and the basis of NSW's university admission system), I have decided to release my notes on this website. Feel free to use these as much as you want. If you want to redistribute, please apply for permission (I'll likely say yes, but I just like to keep a tab of who is distributing my stuff)

These are provided as is. There will be issues with them (if you'd like me to rectify, please drop me a line). Please note that these were written with the 2016 HSC in mind and so statistics c.
NB: Much of this is specific to my case studies:
  • Ecosystems at Risk: Homebush Bay Intertidal Wetlands & The Great Barrier Reef
  • World and Megacities: Mostly good, for the changing nature - Urban Renewal in Darlinghurst, for the world city case study - London
  • Economic Activities: Viticulture (with specific reference to Bimbadgen Estate)
  • Economics
    This is mostly generic stuff, case study was China (also stats and budget for FY2016 - lots of historical data too though)